Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hey, esok adalah SPM

salam 'alaik

5th November 2012; the special date will come again for the SPM candidates. I did my part 5 years ago. Time passes so fast. It has been 5 years since i left my school with a lot of experiences there :)
It was started by Bahasa Melayu and ended with Chemistry. Hehehe :D

And tomorrow, 2012 candidates will be your turn, especially my nephew Iman and niece Farah. Put a lot of your efforts on it. May ALLAH ease you! Insha-ALLAH.

 one of the 'small' tests before the real test later on

in the name of ALLAH, make the best choice :)

"Work hard and then turn to HIM"

Begin with Bismillah ended with Alhamdulillah, i hereby wish you all the best in your examinations!

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