Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Masih kuingat (11) : he's gone for good

assalamua'laikum wbt

I have a father

in my life

I used to have his love

for 20 years

after that, he was gone for good

I have a father

but God loves him more

but, I still have a father


because I always have my father

in my mind

in my heart

in every single day

it was pretty sure he was gone


I have his photos

I can see them for every seconds

even though

it makes me tears

his photos

those moments

are really showed that

I used to have a father in my life

I love him. Of course

for the rest of my life

it's not possible to bring my father

back to life


it's already stated in the Quran


every soul shall have a taste of death

I lost my father

I lost all the time with him

I lost the days with him

but I'll remember that days

I'll keep that moments in my mind

it is because of the simple words

"I miss him"

very much.


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