Sunday, January 16, 2011

My first books in 2011

Salam a’laik

I went to Popular Book Store yesterday in order to find business reference book. Unfortunately, it was not there. I wish to have MPH here. Hahaha. Then, I bought these two books as I’ve already seen one of it few weeks ago. I have the decision to buy that book. Hehehe. My wish is to complete all Cecelia Ahern’s books. I just need one more. Please treat me, anybody? Hahaha. But, I bought Julia Quinn’s book.

See, I bought Faisal Tehrani’s book. It was hard to say, because I don’t read his books as my sister did. She is a big fan of FT. I don’t know why. Huhuhu. Of course, she didn’t believe that I bought that book.

Julia Quinn. This is the first time for her book. I don’t know how to explain. Let me finish it first. Hehehe.

I feel that I miss my home. My mother especially. Huhuhu. I can’t wait until the end of this month. Mid break for one week. Huhuhu. But I have to have my paper first. Mid term paper. I have to do my assignment, my presentation for parenting, complete proposal for TnE and many more. Rasa macam tak ready untuk mid term. Huhuhu.

But, I have my time to update my blog. Weird! Hahaha. Okeh, stop rambling. Focus on your work!



munirah said...

I tak percaya U bli buku FT... huhuh

munirah said...

u beli untuk i kan?from kak ayu

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