Tuesday, June 1, 2010

oh ALLAH,please protect them....~

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful….

As we all know, mission to Gaza, lifeline 4 Gaza, a coalition of Malaysian non-governmental organizations on Gaza already continued their mission to enter Gaza was stormed by Israeli commandos. At least 19 people were killed, most of them Turkish nationals. Lifeline4Gaza has members on board the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, which was attacked off the coast of Gaza yesterday morning. Masya Allah…they are not even human beings…huhu…

I’m unable to hear a life discussion with Malaysian NGO in IKIM.fm few days ago…until I got the news from my friend about that….then I went through all the news updates about that scenes. Some of my blogger friends also posted about this issue. Truly, all of you are really concerned about our brothers and sisters there….Alhamdulillah..

I’m deeply respected to all the volunteers that hardly willing to join this mission…they left their wives, kids and families in order to serve humanitarian aids for Muslims in Gaza… they have no advanced weapons to attack the Israeli commandos….they are carries hope with the good intention for the sake of Allah not the weapons … may Allah protect all of them…Insha’Allah…

So, brothers and sisters….what we are going to do???What we are going to say????How we are going to help the Muslims there???How we are going to show our concern????We have nothing to do except do pray for them all time…pray, pray and pray…may Allah accept our prayer…may Allah gives them strength to face their enemies and give them patience to serve their lives…may Allah save our brothers and sisters in Gaza…Insha’Allah…

Dear brothers and sisters in Gaza….Our prayers are always with you…la tahzan innallaha ma’ana…..Allah always be with the right people…

Palestine Will Be Free

Every day we tell each other
That this day will be the last
And tomorrow we all can go home free
And all this will finally end

Palestine tomorrow will be free
Palestine tomorrow will be free

No mother no father to wipe away my tears
That’s why I won’t cry
I feel scared but I won’t show my fears
I keep my head high
Deep in my heart I never have any doubt
That Palestine tomorrow will be free
Palestine tomorrow will be free

I saw those rockets and bombs shining in the sky
Like drops of rain in the sun’s light
Taking away everyone dear to my heart
Destroying my dreams in a blink of an eye

What happened to our human rights?
What happened to the sanctity of life?
And all those other lies?

I know that I’m only a child
But is your conscience still alive
I will caress with my bare hands

Every precious grain of sand
Every stone and every tree
‘Cause no matter what they do
They can never hurt you
Coz your soul will always be free

Palestine tomorrow will be free
Palestine tomorrow will be free

wallahu a'lam....


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