Thursday, August 5, 2010

Masih kuingat (6) : ~FATHER~

in the name of ALLAH the most gracious most merciful.....


The simplest word that I’ve ever known,

The easy word that I’ve ever used,

The first word that I’ve ever learnt,

The magic word that inspired me enough,


The best man that I’ve ever met,

The first guy that used to read the iqamah to my ear,

In the year of 1989,

The caring person that I’ve ever seen,

The loving father that I’ve ever had,

The wonderful person that taught me about life,

The greatest man that highly motivated me,


The person that I’d love to,

A lovely dad that I miss since he went away,

A good father that never give up in his life,

A responsible person to his family,

A dependent father to his children,

A kind grandfather to his grandchildren,

That always makes me remember you.


A nice, gentle man that I’ve ever met,

A caring, thoughtful person that I’ve ever had,

A great dad for the rest of my life,


Nothing much to say,

You are the best father that I’ve ever had,

You are the wonderful person that encouraged me,

You are the person that always makes me happy,


The time with you was a memorable experience for me,

Nobody can deny it,

I’d really miss your smile, your face ever after,

Thank you ALLAH for sending me such a great father,


may ALLAH bless my father.....AL-FATIHAH!


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