Tuesday, April 27, 2010

UNTUK Hasni Ayu..~

in the name of Allah the most gracious most merciful....

a very special n3 for my beloved sister....happy 23rd birthday....may Allah bless you always...

Sometimes we fight

Sometimes we said harsh words

Sometimes we loath each other

And sometimes we despite one another

But still we have our own good time

We are friends, but

Sometimes we are not when the anger is blown

No matter what we are sisters

We share the books

We share the jokes

We share the laughs

We share the wonderful mom

We have had the best dad

We share the greatest sisters and brothers

We share the hilarious nephews and nieces

We are sisters

You are the flowers blooming on the hillsides

You are the laughter floating through the halls

You will be a great in your own style

You have passion

And you have strength

I hope all the good wishes soon will be yours

Happy birthday and

I love you


p/s: jangan marah...i love that words....



munirah said...

hepi birthday to hasni ayu gak... wish byk kali pun takpe kan????

Umi Rafiq said...

Hepi birtday to cik ayu. Gambar ridwan pun ada yer... ema acih..

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