Saturday, May 21, 2011

certera di Gombak (season 2 ; part 2 ) : skyscraper

salam a'laik

18th may 2011

"may i have 3 volunteers over there?"
"yes, thank you."

several minutes after.....

"we gonna have our first activity today. please form 6 groups, and me as CEO of one company needs to hire one of all companies here for this project. what are you going to do is please take one brick, one newspaper and sellotape for each group."
"any question?"
"question going one, going twice. ok you can start now."

yes, strategic management class. we divided into 6 groups, that means 6 companies. each companies must build one building with strong stability by using newspaper. the good one ( high building with strong stability ) will be hired.

so, what is the strategy that we need to have? develop and implement new strategy? develop operational excellence? how we are going to achieve competitive advantage? that's were the point for that day's activity.

"what is your company's name?
"Eiffel "
"quickly tell your names."
"Ajeerah, Hasni, Hawa, Hidayah, Shaireen, Ramizah, Nadhirah, Maisarah."

we produced one 'building' and then put the brick on top of it to know the stability for 30 seconds. and we (Eiffel) did, but the shorter one. huhuhu. meaning that, we failed for the first challenge. rugi satu project. hehehe.

2 of the 6 groups failed for this project ( langsung tak stabil). we are very lucky, that we are still in forth rank. more strategy, more operational excellence for the next.

interesting class, interesting subject. interesting activity. i like.
"we want to be hired next."

nampak kan betapa susah untuk satu project. itu baru guna surat khabar. reality tak tau la.
for us as a maths students, the first challenge for every single thing. mathematics is a tool for any problems.

to be continued......

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