Sunday, May 8, 2011

selamat hari ibu

salam a'laik....
the one who cares the family

the one who feeds her beloved children

the one who teaches us numbers

the one who teaches us words

the one who trains us to become a good people

the one who educates us to become a better Muslim

the one that always sacrifices herself to us

the one that always love us

the one and only one person that i loved

hugs and big kisses for my beloved ma.
i love you for the sake of Allah.
i will always love you for the rest of my life.

ummi wa abi (^_*)

happy mother's day to all gorgeous mother in the world.(^_*)
special wishes to my beloved ma, my nieces and nephews' mother.

you are the best mother in the universe.
thank you so much!

we love you forever and ever.

being a mother is the best thing in the world. (even saya single lagi.hahaha)
congratulations mothers! you did it :))


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